Llanddarog Community Council seeks to take responsibility for the well-being of the local neighbourhood and works at a local level.  It is a local government tier which is closest to the people, being a tier below the County Council. Their work falls into three main categories:

a) representing the local community
b) delivering services to meet local needs
c) striving to improve quality of life in the community

The main functions undertaken by the Council include:

Maintaining open spaces

Considering planning matters

Working in conjunction with County Highways on traffic calming measures and highway improvements

Working with the police to safeguard the community

Dealing with local issues raised by the community

Maintenance and energising of footway lighting

Providing financial assistance for  Christmas trees and lights

Providing financial assistance for various local voluntary organisations

Providing financial assistance for Charities in the community

Providing and maintaining public seating and notice boards

Appointing representatives to numerous local and outside bodies

Nominating  representatives to local primary school

Bus / waiting shelters

Recognising achievement by providing an annual Young Person’s Award

Recognising achievement by providing an annual Community Award

Commissioning studies and working in partnership